Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nanni's Stuffed Shells!

So let's try this again. Life with four kids seems to make time go so much faster. It is fall already and I have all summer's worth of cooking pictures on my computer just waiting for me. Nanni's stuffed shells are from a while ago. We haven't stopped cooking, I just can't seem to get the pictures posted. So I'll just post when I can and I hope you all enjoy! Here is Nanni, the toothless wonder! She is six, my funny little firecracker!

Here is all the good stuff to make stuffed shells. We did three kinds: beef and cheese and some with both. The great thing about stuffed shells is that you can stuff them with just about anything, makes cooking for picky people a little easier.

Here are all the good spices that we put in the meat. Miss Dagny loves taking pictures of these little tins.

So just shake it all in there. Unless we are baking we don't measure much. Throw in there what you like until it smells great!

Here is the ricotta cheese, eggs, and parmesan cheese. Nanni loves using her hands when she cooks, even though there is a spoon in the bowl she mixed up the whole thing with her hands, all the while giggling about how messy she was.

Stuffing shells with cheese!

Meaty shells with sauce!

Add lots and lost of cheese!

Stuffed shells with green beans, yum! Oh and to make the green beans we opened the can dumped it in the pan and heated them up. I know nothing thrilling, that is why there are no pictures of it.

On to dessert! Can anyone guess what we are making?
Anyone? Anyone?

You know those peanut buttery balls surrounded by chocolate.

If you are avoiding sugar for any reason stop here. This recipe has more sugar in it than anything I have ever made. This is why we only make dessert on Sundays. No way I could live with my kids if they ate this stuff every day. Recipe here! That is actually the whole box of powdered sugar. I haven't tried it with less sugar, but I'll bet you could cut it back some and they would still be good.

Here is the peanut butter 1 1/2 cups. The butter is under it too! I think the pictures are backwards, sorry. But you get it the idea.

Here she is again mixing with her hands! It really is a necessity here there is no way to use a spoon or a mixer and get the sugar mixed in there well. If you don't want to get your hands sticky, call one of your kids. I am sure they would be happy to play in the bowl.

Roll the peanut butter in balls and place on a cookie tray lined with wax paper.

Melt the chocolate chips over a double boiler, yummy! Just try and keep your fingers out of it, it is kind of hot, trust me on this one.

Place tooth picks in the peanut butter balls and dip them in the chocolate and place back on the wax lined pan. Place in the freezer until hard approx 30 min.

I dare you to try and eat more than 2 in one sitting, these babies are RICH good but rich! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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